New York Times
"Surges on a wave of burly energy and toughness.  Rather than dwell on violence and conflict, it focuses on Lula’s… ability to inspire trust and solidarity. Mr. Diaz’s strong, unsentimental
performance persuasively depicts him as a principled, incorruptible man of the people.”
Stephen Holden, The New York Times

Huffington Post
“A love song to Brazil’s heroic leader.  Rui Ricardo Diaz …smolders and delightfully taps
into Lula's most successful tool: his unfaltering charisma. Gloria Pires as Dona Lindu, Lula's mother,
is also hypnotic in her portrayal, as is Juliana Baroni as Lula's second wife Marisa. The supporting
cast is downright magical.  I believe art is greatest when it comes from a place of passion
and Lula, Son of Brazil clearly belongs to that category."
E. Nina Rothe, The Huffington Post