The New York Times
"One of the Top Ten Films of the Year."
—Stephen Holden, New York Times

New York Post
"One of the Top Ten Films of the Year. The year’s finest animated movie is a beautifully expressive fantasia based on a memoir about a much-loved Alsatian by crusty Brit J.R. Ackerley (voiced by Christopher Plummer). Imagine if "Marley & Me had actually been rueful, restrained and sublime."
—Kyle Smith, NY Post 

New York Magazine
"RHAPSODICALLY BEAUTIFUL! GO! One wants to bark with joy and, at times of melancholy, issue a plaintive howl. You’ll rarely hear a more perfect fusion of actor and first-person narrator than Christopher Plummer. The Fierlingers had a stroke of genius."
—David Edelstein, New York Magazine

Nation My Dog Tulip Review
"Startlingly quick-witted. The work of clever hands.
A sourball candy of a movie worth savoring to its last melting away."
—Stuart Klawans, The Nation

Time Out My Dog Tulip Review
"The accompanying images, entirely hand-drawn and full of lush detail that recalls
both Egon Schiele and Maurice Sendak, swell and reduce hypnotically, yielding visual jokes
that riff on his artfully understated observations. Never saccharine, My Dog Tulip does
justice to the rare experience of heartfelt, mutual love in any form."
—Lisa Rosman, TimeOutNY

Village Voice My Dog Tulip Review
"One of the finest, most insightful chronicles of inter-species devotion. Flat is beautiful: The Fierlingers’ simple 2-D design is an excellent match for the author’s pithy observations and abhorrence of the mawkish. (Ackerley’s) gift - and the film’s - is to transform the seemingly banal relationship between pet and owner into something singular, inimitable, sacred."
—Melissa Anderson, Village Voice

NPR My Dog Tulip Review
"The prodigious charms of My Dog Tulip are wholly other than those of a Disney-style boy-and-his-dog heartwarmer. Hilariously voiced by the late Lynn Redgrave. My Dog Tulip takes a warm and whimsical — but aptly unsentimental — view of Tulip's frequent fecal additions to the rubbish-strewn Thames-side landscape. Voiced in a wonderfully dry wheeze by Christopher Plummer. Ackerley may be candid about his adoration of Tulip, but his subject is the crucible of love, devotion and betrayal that burns through all relationships, human and otherwise. Touching conclusion."
—Ella Taylor, NPR

Slant Magazine My Dog Tulip Review
"The film's animation, an emulation of The New Yorker cartoon style, may be undistinguished, but the filmmakers' use of color—or lack thereof—and movement is rife with surprise. In life and in death, Tulip's relationship to her master, whose sincerity of feeling belies his stiff upper lip, attests to the joys of longtime companionship, conventional or not."
—Ed Gonzalez, Slant Magazine

NY Press My Dog Tulip Review
"My Dog Tulip restores human feeling to animation, a post-Pixar miracle.
Ackerley’s misadventures with his obstinate yet loving German Shepherd sounds
precious yet it is not twee—there is grit in its charm."
—Armond White, NY Press

Wall Street Journal
"Marvelous animation. Celebrates the abiding values of dusty tomes, literary
eloquence and shaggy dogs. The animated film also testifies to the humble
glories to be achieved with old-fashioned elbow grease."
—Steve Dollar, The Wall Street Journal

Philadelphia Inquier
"1/2! Anyone who shares his or her life with a dog, or has done so in the past, go see My Dog Tulip. Second off, anyone with a passion for animation, and an appreciation of how "cartooning" can frequently take the viewer to emotional and psychological realms with greater facility than live action, go see My Dog Tulip. Sublime and Amusing. Adapted with painstaking care - and inspiration… The colors are vivid, the drawing style winningly playful and full of rich detail."
—Steven Rea, Philadelphia Inquirer

SFBG My Dog Tulip Review
"Visually captivating."
—Lynn Rapoport, BAY GUARDIAN

Boston Herald My Dog Tulip Review
"MY DOG TULIP: B+. Certain to delight dog lovers. undeniably unique. a dreamy, stylized series of color and black-and-white paintings and line drawings at times reminiscent of the art of
Henri Matisse. dog lovers are going to howl in delight over My Dog Tulip."
—James Verniere, Boston Herald

Los Angeles Times My Dog Tulip Review
"As much of a joy to the eye as that language is to the ear are the visuals of the veteran animation team of Paul and Sandra Fierlinger. Their work is fluid and lovely, a painterly kind of animation that looks almost like watercolors come to life. The animators used a computer system that allowed them to hand-draw and hand-color on a screen using a technology called TVPaint, or TVP for short.
The results are remarkable."
—Kenneth Turan, Los Angeles Times

The Stranger
"Extraordinary. Charming. Tulip's squiggly, sketchy animation feels intimate and friendly. My Dog Tulip is a biography of a friendship, written in diarrhea and menstrual blood and droplets of urine. Because it recognizes that truth, this decidedly unsentimental story has
10 times the charm of some phony Hollywoodized crap like Marley & Me."
—Paul Constant, The Stranger

Sand Diego Gay and Lesbian News
"The Fierlingers’ animation is so charming and extraordinary that this film
will likely be in the running for an Oscar. I recommend it."
—Jean Lowerison, SDGLN

Washington Post
"Charming. Warmhearted. Evokes the sort of artsy, literate look of a New Yorker cover come to life. Tulip herself is drawn with delightful attention to the details of canine behavior."
—Michael O'Sullivan, The Washington Post

Detroit Metro Times
"A terrific success! Wonderfully narrated by Christopher Plummer… this animated marvel is filled with the kind of aloof and witty observations you might expect from a contemporary of E.M. Forster or W.H. Auden. There's great humor, honesty and humanity. Don't be misled by the animation,
My Dog Tulip
is decidedly for adults. Not just a tale of pet-owner devotion,
it produces the kind of blunt sincerity, touching compassion and psychological
insight that's rare to find in any film."
—Jeff Meyers, Detroit Metro Times

IndyWeek My Dog Tulip Review
—David Fellerath, Indy Week

Chicago Sun Times
"An animated film combining elating visuals with a virtuoso voice performance by Christopher Plummer. To this story, directed and animated by Paul and Sandra Fierlinger, My Dog Tulip brings Sandra's watercolors. Fierlinger is the sort of watercolorist one would collect."
-Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun Times

Chicago Reader My Dog Tulip Review
—J.R. Jones, Chicago Reader

Chicago Tribune My Dog Tulip Review
"Marvelous. Extremely moving, exceedingly droll, flawlessly voice-acted and the nicest possible way to start the new moviegoing year. Full of quiet joy, honest sorrow, wisdom and a wealth of clinical detail both excremental and reproductive, all rendered in a charming style."
—Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Miami Herald
"A beautifully illustrated love letter to dogs and the people who own them. Paul and Sandra Fierlinger…employ different sorts of animation (watercolors, pencil sketches and crude drawings, all hand drawn) to wondrous effect. Unlike most movies in the genre, My Dog Tulip avoids any sort of sentimentality or emotional manipulation, even when dealing with Tulip’s inevitable death. Instead, it is a dryly witty, keenly observant celebration of life — one that’s better lived and enjoyed, no matter one’s circumstances otherwise, with a dog or two around the house."
—Rene Rodriguez, The Miami Herald