The Boston Globe
"An obsessive, funny, often incredibly moving body of work that’s still in the making."
— Ty Burr, The Boston Globe

The New York Times
"George and Mike Kuchar, twin brothers from the Bronx, are among the most prolific and inventive American filmmakers of the past half-century, and perhaps the most eccentric."
— A.O. Scott, The New York Times

Slant Magazine
"… subtle and often beautiful glow for moving pictures and how they can change a viewer's perspective, shift the boundaries of taste, and challenge preconceived notions in the process."
— Glenn Heath Jr., Slant Magazine

New York Post
"A must for film devotees everywhere."
—V.A. Musetto, NY Post

Village Voice
"The brothers have been shooting for more than a half-century since Naked, working in every home format, but never in highfalutin' 35mm. They have thus remained unblemished amateurs."
—Nick Pinkerton, The Village Voice

San Fransisco Chronicle
"The best film the Kuchar brothers have ever been involved with is the documentary about them and their work by Bay Area filmmaker Jennifer M. Kroot."
—Mick La Salle, San Fransisco Chronicle