Boston Globe
"Nine Nation Animation
is the exception that proves the rule: a traveling road-show of (duh) nine shorts from nine countries that gets points for both style and content…
...the sheer variety of visual approaches here is dazzling."
–Ty Burr, Boston Globe

Chicago Tribune
"Out of sheer happenstance I hadn't seen a feature-length compilation of
animated shorts in a long time, and the sparkling Nine Nation Animation
reminded me of the value and pleasure of such collections."
—Michael Phillips, Chicago Tribune

Slant Magazine
"Nine Nation Animation—prompts you, or it prompted me, for a series of anecdotes
that would cumulatively conjure that iconic ideal image of global unity.
These films explore the limitations and constrictions of a mass culture, no matter what
the nature of said culture may be. The films are also remarkably consistent in quality."
—Chuck Bowen, Slant

New York Times
"Two of the best films use mixed-media and collage techniques to lend poignancy to true stories."
—Mike Hale The New York Times

Village Voice
"Nine Nation Animation proves that there’s a lot more to the animator’s art than either the cutting-edge ultra-realism of Pixar or the flat functionality of sitcoms like The Simpsons."
—Andrew Schenker, The Village Voice

"Disparate as they are, these are all delights."
—Dennis Harvey, Variety