"Shooting with a digital camera that picks up every face and wall crack,
and in surprisingly elegant widescreen…"
—Manohla Dargis, The New York Times

"This first feature, distinguished by its sense of off-beat, low-key humor and a carefully measured shooting style, is much in line with such quiet Argentine and Uruguayan titles as
Whiskey and The Custodian."
—Deborah Young, The Hollywood Reporter

"The Vega brothers compose a moving and charming film, balancing themes of loneliness and disconnection with an absurd comic tone that steers the narrative away from melodrama. The directors’ respect and affection for their characters is apparent throughout; despite his sullen ways and impenetrable exterior, even Clemente remains wholly human and sympathetic. What emerges is a story as emotional rich as it is thematically compelling."
—Diana Sanchez, Indiewire

"Although a superficial description might suggest something syrupy, pic's depiction of Lima's slums is gritty enough to cut the sugar. Meanwhile, the Vegas' expressionist style, restrained emotional palette and delicate humor herald the arrival of promising young talents. October could be a
viable contender for niche distribution offshore after a season at feasts."
—Leslie Felperin, Variety