“Brilliantly rises to the challenge of presenting a serious discussion of globalization,
African debt, and the World Bank in a lively, entertaining feature film.
Rather miraculously, picture succeeds in painlessly educating its viewers about global
politics and economics while it describes contemporary Africa with freshness and clarity.”
—Deborah Young, Variety

“Essential…Offers a refreshingly multifaceted view…Bamako is valuable because it so
eloquently and succinctly lays out the major issues facing Africa in the era of globalization.
In the ranks of recent films like Lord of War and Darwin’s Nightmare. A powerful protest.”
—Jeff Reichert, indieWire

“A fanciful tale. No one can deny the powerful emotional reality that
lends Bamako its heavy moral weight…Attention must be paid.”
—Ann Hornaday, Washington Post

“A powerful polemic leavened with moments of beauty and humor.”
—Walter Addiego, San Francisco Chronicle